Power Pac

High Speed Plasma Curing System

American Dental Airsonic Technologies helped revolutionize high-speed curing and power whitening in 1995 when it invented dentistry's first Plasma Arc Curing (PAC) system. Now comes a second generation PAC, loaded with enhancements that make curing and whitening easier than evr.


Pistol grip delivery system puts all of the power and control right in the palm of your hand. Mode selection and light activation controls are both built right in to the handle. No more foot pedal!

The calibration and timing LED display is incorporated into the pistol grip where it is always in easy view.

Three different modes A) Standard, B) Ramp, C) a Whitening/Orthodontic Bonding mode.This last mode provides 100 seconds of continuous, constant power output for faster more efficient whitening and bracket bonding of a full arch. In this mode, the LED display provides a 100 second countdown to tell the clinitian when to move from tooth to tooth.

Blue1 is an advanced new filtering system which yields a narrow light band producing mazimum curing performance for all materials.

Digital self-calibration system uses an on-board microprocessor to ensue that you achieve the desired cure every time.

The smallest, best-performing, most versatile high-speed curing unit ever!