About Us


In 1992, American Dental Technologies became the first company to revive the concept of air abrasive cavity preparation with the introduction of the KCP (Kinetic Cavity Preparation) system.


The KCP takes advantage fo the principle of kinetic energy which states that energy equal one-half mass times velocity squared (9Ek=1/2MV2). This law of physics dictates that in order to increase the amount of energy for cutting tooth structure, you must either increase the mass of abrasive particles used or increase their velocity. The KCP does its cutting using higher air pressure and a relatively small amount of abrasive powder whick is precisely regulated by Smerivsn Dental's patentedElectronic Powder Injetion (EPI) Technology.

Why us?

Since the Velocity in the formula is squared, relatively small increase in pressure have a greater effect than the much larger increases in mass. Best of all, using small amounts of powder with high air pressures means much less powdermess and a much precise, pleasant iinstrument to work with.