Dual abrasive Chambers

The KCP allows you to instantly perform most cavity preparations without anesthetic. This is good news for your patients and a tremendous asset for squeezing unscheduled procedures into your day. Having the ability to scour out stained pits and fissures allows you to detect lesions that simply could not be diagnosed using conventional methods. clinicians who incorporate the KCP routinely report monthly  increase of $4000-$5000 or more.MOst clinicians also report a high patient acceptance rate due to the convenience of having additional treatment done in the same visit and relatively low cost associated with treating early stage caries. Patients are generally impressed, which makes this value added treatment fun and quite rewarding for the practice and patient

Optional Integrated Plasma Arc Curing

Cures most composites in less than 5 seconds. Speeds the Whitening process. Faster and more effective than LED's.

Greater Control

User variable powder flow. User programmable presets. Computerized systemmonitoring and reporting.

Built in Compressor

for easy mobility from the operatory to operatory

Dual Abrasive Chambers

27 µm Alpha Alumina, 50 µm Alpha Alumina, or Sodium Bicarbonate Heated for comfort. Patented electronic powder injection system